good thoughts

1 People who are attracted to
you because of your pretty
face or nice body won’t be
by your side forever.
But the people who can see
how beautiful your heart is
will never leave you.

2 All successful and unsuccessful people
have I thing in common.
It’s how they use them
that makes the difference.

3 “Every Interaction
Is An Opportunity
To Learn,
Only If
We Are Interested
In ‘Improving’
Rather Than

4 Always do what you are
afraid to do.

5 Don’t stop until you’re

6 If today was perfect, there
would be no need for

7 Do what you n with all you
—have,Ghereve you are.

8 Creativit is intelligence
aving fun.

9 The only limit to our
realisation of tomorrow will
be our doubts of today.

10 Security is mostly a
superstition. Life is either
a daring adventure or
elen Keller

11 We may encounter many
defeats but we must not be

12 Don’tever*et anyone du”
your sparkle.

13 Discouragement and
failure are two of the sure
stepping stones to success.

14 Follow your dreams.They
know the way.

15 One day I’ll be at the place I
always wanted to be.

16 The future belongs to_the
competen€. Get good, get
better, be the best.

17 To see what
right and not
do it is a lack of courage.

18 Decide that you want it
more than you are afraid of it.

19 You are never too old to
reinvent yourself
20 If you want to increase your
success rate, double your
failure rate.

21 Don’t complain, just work

22 Today a reader, tomorrow a

23 Do not give up, the
beginning is always the

24 The value of an idea lies in
the using of lt.

25 Be so good théy can’t
Ignore you.

26 Excellence is a continuous
process and nöt an

27 If you quit once , It becomes
a habit. Don’t quit

28 Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

29 A goal without a plan is just
a wish.

30 Happiness is an Inside job.

31 A smooth sea never made a
skilled sailor.

32 Practice like you’ve never
won. Perform like you’ve
never lost.

33 Work until your idols
become your rivals.

34 Be a voice, not an echo.

35 lf you don’t like where you
are, move. You are not a

36 Life has no remote. Get up
and change it yourself.

37 Nothing worth having
comes easy.

38 I can & I will. Watch me.

39 Make it happen. Shock

40 It’s never too late to be what
you might have been.

41 If you’re good at something,
never do it for free.

42 To be the best yoü must be
able to handle-the worst.

43 The best way out is always

44 You are stronger than you

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